Light-Induced Guided Healing Therapy

Improve mood, increase vitality, and enhance quality of life

A novel, mind-body protocol designed to help patients build self-efficacy and enjoy other benefits such as improved mood, increased vitality, and enhanced quality of life.

LIGHT invokes and engages the undivided attention of a user to visualize the materialization of set goals by accessing one’s awareness for the non-judgmental and exploration of possibilities.

Principles from ancient philosophies of East and West blend seamlessly with contemporary scientific findings in psychology and neuroscience as the evidence-based LIGHT protocol helps the patient navigate to deeper states of their unconscious mind.

New mental pathways are forged and greater control is established over interactions in everyday scenarios where one would otherwise be subjected to subconscious programming.

It uses a combination toolset comprised of hypnosis and guided imagery. This sets up a suitable introduce to the proprietary script that invokes favorable interactions with otherwise inaccessible or untapped realms of one’s consciousness. In this environment, the client is able to modify adverse responses triggered by repressed anxiety or other subconscious beliefs to then program mature and balanced approaches their place that become the new “go to” response.

Individuals practicing LIGHT have reported increased awareness and growing ability to manage stressors with improved strategies and improved quality of life.


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